We all have passion inside us and Lizave, being a passionate artist and colorist, also found herself in digital art. Her vision to identify valuable prints.

Creating illustrations with software is another way to express your inner passion and breath a new life into old school paintings using a different set of tools, yet the same desire and ability to create unique pieces of artwork. 

People tend to believe that digital art doesn’t have enough soul in it and doesn’t get that ‘little piece of painter’s heart’ while it’s created, but that’s wrong and we’re here to prove it and show you how valuable every kind of art is. 

What makes fine nude art giclee prints Valuable

Every print in Lizave Store is created with the same passion and light of creativity inside the artist’s heart as any other painting or piece of artwork. But what makes us different?

Once the prints are created and finalized, Lizave paints each one of them with oil. So it means that every print gets it’s unique oil-painted version. Usually people do it vice versa, so we believe that this unusual approach makes our prints created with software even more valuable, since basically every print serves as the original version of the illustration.

Our sensual abstract art prints collections are all limited, signed by the artist and have the certificate of authenticity shipped along. Our beloved artist creates the actual art, signs it and controls our passionate Lizave Store team while they pack everything into the uniquely designed packaging and ship it to you. We do everything we can to ensure that the product you receive will feel special and unordinary.

We use the most expensive packaging that’s made out of natural elements only. Our prints get packed carefully into the carton tubes with metal caps. We tend not to use plastic and believe that natural products are more environment-friendly and simply more qualitative.

You can’t even imagine how many efforts we did put into the selection of our main printing supplier. So as of today we can proudly say that our brand has the best printing quality. The best unique packaging around and a piece of a passionate soul added carefully into each and every product in Lizave Store.

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