It’s obvious that art should be widely accessible and we strongly believe that our life can essentially be more bright, colorful and more fulfilled if we surround ourselves with beautiful things and bring art closer to ourselves.

Bring Art Closer oil painting

I guess you can say that this is one of the pillars that hold the Lizave Store. That’s the vision of our Artist, her desire to bring art closer and something meaningful to our world and share her perspective of sensual art aesthetics with everyone.

Our approach is simple – we take responsibility for delivering these small pieces of beauty and brightness to your life. And when we say that art should be widely accessible – we mean it, so we prepared a variety of products that should give you a warm feeling of holding something truly great and special for a small and affordable price.

Everything you see in our store, every piece you find here is based on the artwork of Lizave and is crafted with care and attention to details.

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