Let’s try to find out easiest way to add Art Classics to Your Wardrobe.

Nowadays, no one is quite surprised when new fashion collections emerge (basically on daily basis) from the artworks created by iconic artists of the 20th century like Andy Warhol or Salvador Dalí, because those guys themselves were, in fact, very close to the fashion industry and adding art classics to your wardrobe.

It is amazing, though, that some designers are able to go beyond the well-established trends draw inspiration from the untraditional sources. Or, quite the contrary, very traditional ones!

Just last year, Stella McCartney, a famous couturiere from Great Britain and the daughter of the very same McCartney from the Beatles, introduced to the fashion industry her new womenswear collection inspired by the single 18th century painting called ‘Horse Frightened by a Lion’.

Art Classics to Your Wardrobe

George Stubbs

Was an English artist best known for his paintings of horses could hardly imagine that the day will come when British women will wear shirts, dresses and trousers with his work printed on them. In fairness, he probably could not imagine women wearing trousers at all… O tempora, o mores! 

However, the knight of the brush did willy-nilly become the co-creator of the whole set of fashionable clothes that includes gilets, dresses, silk crêpe de chine shirts, trousers, silk scarfs and even backpacks featuring the image of galloping white horse from his painting.

How should you add Art Classics to Your Wardrobe?

The designer says that her aim was to capture the strength and beauty of the original artwork and transmit that “playful and irreverent confidence” to the women who wear her clothes. We reckon that she managed to do so! Her collection is both graceful and chic yet very original and offbeat like any other fashion collection of todays. It is perfect both for wandering through the thick fogs of English moorlands in late autumn and for urban landscapes.

Stella McCartney has attained the unique synergy of academic art and modern tailoring: she took the acknowledged masterpiece of classical painting and transformed it into the tantamount masterpiece of fashion.

Art Classics to Your Wardrobe

That’s quite an inspiration, although here, at Lizave’s, we do not have to deal with classics since our Artist is the one who sets the tone and creates art that someday will probably be regarded classics, as well. 

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