We Bring Art Closer To You

We started our Lizave store as a small family business with lots of passion and love for art sitting deep in the heart of our brand powering our artwork for home.

You can bring delightful and aesthetically beautiful things to your life by surrounding yourself with art. Our strong belief is that your walls at home are not just walls and your clothing can be more sophisticated and unordinary than you think.

We deliver sensual art prints that you can hang on the wall and get a nice glimpse of art. Our fashion line up includes clothing with art prints for unordinary moments of your life. The clothing design is mostly inspired by classic casual wear, mainly with a purpose to make an accent on front printed side.

Archive paper and colorfast ink used in manufacturing are eco-friendly and guarantee the highest quality of printing.

Who Stands Behind The Product?


Being a dedicated artist and a passionate colorist, Lizave wants her works to reach people’s minds and, what’s more important, their hearts.

Our beloved artist works day and night on her oil paintings and digital illustration. To her, there is no real difference between these two art forms. She is truly convinced that any kind of art is unique and priceless.

Her digital illustrations are based on the oil works that she usually presents on the local exhibitions. It’s crucial for Lizave that her print art collections are limited. She signs each copy and only then they get delivered to you along with this delicate personalized touch of the artist.

Lizave wants to believe that the art she creates can have a positive impact on your life.



This is the person who makes sure that Lizave art and clothing can find their fabulous owners. He is passionate about eCommerce projects and believes that any unique product should include unique shopping experience.

His last eCommerce project was embracing the culture of elite alcohol, but at some point, he understood that he wants to cover the whole production process – from the product development to the close communication with clients.

Lizave inspired him to start this project together and now he personally manages the production process: paper and fabric selection, marketing, and customer.

Alex is the one who makes sure that Lizave’s artworks get printed only on the most expensive archive paper and on the fabrics with the highest quality. He manages the packaging process and controls the delivery process from A to Z.

Whatever you select in our store, your product is in good hands!

Let Us Share Unordinary Moments With You.